Do More With Less

In 2014 I hiked from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail. For five and a half months I walked twenty miles a day, carrying nothing more than a 15 pound pack.

My friend Eric Timmerman and I brought two small cameras and basic audio recording equipment—our goal was to capture the pulse of the PCT’s unique thru-hiking community. Together we interviewed over 100 hikers about life on the trail and their thoughts on work/life balance. Everyone had been preparing for this trip for months, years, even decades. This was their passion, and for some, a turning point in life.

When we finished our hike we had over 50 hours of footage to edit. It would be the biggest project either of us had taken on. The result was "Do More With Less", a documentary narrated by a nomadic community on the PCT. Throughout the 2,660 miles and endless challenges these individuals talk about hiking, abandoning the grid, and how to live a life of adventure.



Direction and Cinematography
Travis Barron
Eric Timmerman

Travis Barron
Eric Timmerman

Roger Sellers
Sigur Ros
Kevin Butler
Mutual Benefit

Audio Editing
Mike Sakoonserksadee